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Susan Hesleitner, DipWSET, FWS

Susan Hesleitner, DipWSET, FWS

Susan Hesleitner, DipWSET, FWS


Susan Hesleitner is the founder and lead instructor of the New Jersey Wine School.

 Prior to opening her school, Susan worked as a Retail Wine Specialist, assisting clients in the selection of their ideal wines.

 Susan loves meeting people who share her passion for wine, and as a Wine Associate for Vino Volo restaurant at JFK Airport, she increased her client base to an international one.

Susan began her wine career ten years ago as a Tour Guide for Millbrook Winery and Vineyards in Millbrook, NY.  

She holds a Diploma from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London, England and is also a French Wine Scholar. 

Susan is a member of the Society of Wine Educators and the French Wine Society. 


Mark Hesleitner, WSET L2

Susan Hesleitner, DipWSET, FWS

Susan Hesleitner, DipWSET, FWS


Mark Hesleitner is the Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer of the New Jersey Wine School. 

Mark started his career in wine after meeting Susan. His love of German Rieslings and dessert wines such as Sauternes from Bordeaux, encouraged him to take wine classes. 

Mark currently holds the Level 2 WSET Certification in Wines & Spirits. 

He is a Team Leader, Financier, Real Estate Investor, and a highly regarded Eagle Scout in his community. 


Lucky Hesleitner

Susan Hesleitner, DipWSET, FWS

Lucky Hesleitner

Lucky is our trusted canine friend and beloved family member.  

In addition to watching our home when we are away, he makes sure we waste no food.  

He enjoys gourmet cooked meals and especially loves cheese.  

Lucky is our love and joy, and we're so happy we found him at the Humane Society.